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Artist Talk: With Seeing Hands

  • Incinerator Gallery Melbourne Australia (map)

An afternoon of artist talks, associated with the exhibition With Seeing Hands.

With Seeing Hands presents a range of multisensory works made by artists with and without disabilities. Participating artists: Fayen d’Evie and Bryan Phillips, Carolyn Eskdale, Heather Lawson, Carmen Papalia and Nathan Liow, and Sam Petersen. 

With Seeing Hands includes two new works by Fayen d'Evie and Bryan Phillips:
  - Wayfinding ‘Sequence’ / Vibrational Re-call 2018. Hypersonic audio projection.
  - Reading ‘Sequence’ / Tactile Re-call 2018. Granite, contact microphones, audio feed.

The new works extend the artists’ collaborative experiments in sensing, describing, and recalling encounters with artworks. In Wayfinding ‘Sequence’ / Vibrational Re-call 2018, we hear a collage of vibrational recordings and conversational fragments as Georgina Kleege and Shelley Lasica navigate their way around ‘Sequence’, a monumental sculpture by Richard Serra. Georgina Kleege is a Professor of Literature at UC Berkeley who has written widely on blindness and art, while Shelley Lasica is a choreographer interested in the qualities of sensory movement, including blindness. Reading ‘Sequence’ / Tactile Re-call 2018 is a series of three tactile rock paintings that describe perspectival memories of walking within ‘Sequence’. The series continues the artists’ interests in painting as a trans-sensory medium, and in affirming the vibrations of audience encounters as part of the acoustic ecology of the gallery.

Image: Fayen d'Evie, Bryan Phillips, Georgina Kleege, Shelley Lasica, and Hillary Goidell, Wayfinding Sequence: Vibrational Recordings, SFMOMA, 2018. Photograph: Hillary Goidell.

Later Event: July 25
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