Shape of an Echo / Hauntings / Resonant Cuts


Fayen d’Evie, Andy Slater, Aaron McPeake, Anna Seymour, Pippa Samaya,
Ilana Gelbart, Jaycob Campbell, Will Kollmorgen.

Castlemaine State Festival, Old Castlemaine Hospital, 22 March - 31 March 2019

The hybid artist-curatorial project From Dust to Dust offered a hallucinatory echo of a larger exhibition, Dustcloud, that was planned for the Old Castlemaine Gaol and would have included sculptural, sonic, painting, video, choreographic, gestural poetry, and performance works, enfolding contributions from 11 artists from Australia, the US, and the UK. Many of the works had been developed through collaborative experimentation at the Old Castlemaine Gaol and in London at Chelsea School of Art, which rests on the site of Millbank, a historic prison where convicts were held before being transported to Australia. The star-like architecture of these gaols was intended to control deviant citizens through surveillance, segregation, seclusion, and enforcement of silence. Dustcloud would have inverted such sensory segregation, inviting visitors to experiment with navigating the exhibition and gaol architecture via sensory scores.

From Dust to Dust was installed across two rooms of the Old Castlemaine Hospital. In one room played a sound work ‘Hauntings (H M Castlemaine)’ by blind sound artist Andy Slater, composed from field recordings in the atrium, corridors, cells, and dungeon of the Old Castlemaine Gaol. Across the hallway, played a video work ‘Shape of an Echo’, a redescription of this sonic work through the gestural poetics of Deaf dancer and choreographer Anna Seymour, filmed at another radial prison, H M Bendigo. Intertwined were Aaron McPeake’s bell bronze sculptures ‘Resonant Cuts’, carried from Millbank, and a rewriting performance by Will Kollmorgen, that refigured the absent exhibition as percussive myth.

‘Shape of an Echo’ was a collaborative work of Fayen d’Evie, Anna Seymour and Pippa Samaya. Auslan interpreter Ilana Gelbart and artist Jaycob Campbell contributed to the translation process of sound to gesture. ‘Shape of an Echo’ is a finalist in the Incinerator Art for Social Change Award 2019.