Story, As Told
The Score

Fayen d'Evie, Shelley Lasica, Bryan Phillips
Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne, 4 - 22 October 2017: Performance program, 7 October 2017

In the telling, a story is subject to continual translation that can resist, attenuate, be boring or beguiling, earnestly reshape or wilfully distort. Working with ideas of describing or mapping the exhibition room,
the artists develop a performance that allows transensory modes of stories to resonate,echoing densities, slippages, absences, and interruptions through their dispersed retelling.

Shelley Lasica - Ian Potter - Video Still - 02.jpg


"Perhaps this is the story that is the bridge over the void,
and as it advances it flings forward news and sensations and emotions to create a ground of upsets
both collective and individual in the midst of which a path can be opened while we remain in the dark
about many circumstances both historical and geographical.I clear my path through the wealth of details
that cover the void I do not want to notice and I advance impetuously, while instead the female character
freezes on the edge of a step amid the shoving crowd, until I manage to carry her down,
almost a dead weight, step by step, to set her feet on the cobbles of the street along the river."   

Italo Calvino 1979, If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller,
translated from the Italian by William Weaver.